S G Ruddy is a self help and spiritual writer and author from Northern Ireland.

His message is simple, one of healing, peace and love.

He is passionate about helping others find purpose and peace, and aims to inspire, empower and encourage his readers to live their best life and to become their best selves.

S G Ruddy, who is known most of all for his Self Help and Self Improvement Instagram account @aMessageOfLove continues to post daily messages to help inspire his audience to heal, to rise up and to become their best selves.


His 'aMessageOfLove' Instagram account, which he set up in 2014 with the simple intention of helping to inspire and empower those people who were facing similar issues as he was facing, has since spawned into a book. In his book Simon opens up about his battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how it drove his desire to help others, the full story of which can be found in his book ‘Messages to Inspire, Empower and Heal by S G Ruddy’ available worldwide now on Amazon.

With 5 new messages posted every week, be sure to follow the movement over on his Instagram Account @aMessageOfLove

The Book

S G Ruddy recently released a book which showcases a collection of over 500 messages of love, support, empowerment, guidance and inspiration. The book takes on and tackles difficult subjects and topics such as:

  • Grief and pain
  • Lack of self belief and self confidence
  • Love and broken relationships
  • Self esteem and body image issues
  • Success and failure
  • Forgiveness and letting go, and much more. 


Each of the messages, which are around 1 paragraph each contain summarised, simplified yet in depth information.

No matter what you’re going through or what struggle you’re currently dealing with, S G Ruddy offers a no nonsense, easy and straight to the point approach that will help, inspire and encourage you to see things from a higher perspective and from a place of power, peace, love and joy.

" Truly a gem of a book…will definitely keep this in the family library for generations to come. "

" This book is seriously guiding me through life! "

" His book is filled with profound and life affirming messages that I need to read daily. "

Want to get your copy?

The book is available worldwide, just click the link below to find out where you can get it in your country.

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No problem, all you need to do is search your local Amazon website for

'A Message Of Love S G Ruddy'

Questions or Inquiries?

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